Sammy Haggar's Chickenfoot playing Free in Cabo! Cabo Wabo Anniversary

Sammy Haggar fans unite!, former Van Halen singer and Tequila/Cabo Wabo owner came to Los Cabos on April 23, and not alone, as many of you know he has a mastodon of a group with talents:

Joe Satrini / Guitar ,  you dont know who he is!? One of the best guitarist alive! and he was the teacher for Kirk Hammet of Metallica, Tom Morello  and many more guitarist. A living Legend.

Chad Smith / Drums, the drummer from Red Hot Chili peppers. enough said.

Michal Anthony, Van Halen Bassist, famous for his Jack Daniels signature Bass.

Sammy Haggar / Vocals, yes the Red Rocker himself on the lead.

Sammy is also known to celebrate his birthday in Cabo Wabo, and invites everyone in Cabo, well if he can fit them in Cabo Wabo Cantina. At one time he invited the guys from Metallica, Pantera and Stone Temple Pilots, you never know who will show up as a special guest!

Tickets were FREE!, this show was a part of the 20th anniversary of the Cabo Wabo Cantina! Tickets were first come, first served by showing up at the venue the day of the show.

For more information visit the official site below:

Happy Birthday Cabo Wabo!! here is s a reminiscence when Cabo Wabo first opened!

Youtube video.

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