How to survive Los Cabos Airport! a first timers guide to Los Cabos series.

Picture yourself on a plane to cabo….

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The flight attendant tells you: -"we will be arriving to the San Jose del Cabo International airport (SJD) in a few minutes,"- you look out the window and see the vast blue sea waiting for you to swimin, get some fish, ski, surf and get your feet wet , right next to it you can see the ground of Los Cabos, also known as Lands End, a brown canvas spotted with green and pale brown, the desert, you try to spot your  home for the next few days, and to think that such a small place has celebrities homes.

The plane lands, you reach for your carry on bags, getting of the plane as the excitement grabs over you,  plane doors open you step out and, BOOM! You are hit with a heat wave of hot wind, desert wind Cabo weather,  I shouldn’t have brought so many jacket you say to yourself as you walk into the airport building, getting all your papers ready while in line for customs,  people with the sunglasses on, flip flops and ,  you did remember to bring your passport, right?.

Getting your bags is the same as in any other airport, but this one you will get to see bagged surfboards, buggies boards, Loui Vutton bags and some just wrapped in cardboard with a rope. You get your bags and follow the trail out of baggage claim, for another small line where customs has what it looks like a street stoplight with green or red, green means go! Red means you will get your luggage checked, during the inbound flight, you got a customs form (Hacienda). You will hand the form to the customs agent and press the button on what looks like a traffic light. You got green! Now walk to the outside of the SJD airport, where you will get your ride to Cabo Azul, the concierges already took care of your transportation.

You walk out to the baggage claim area and you get smacked by a legion of sales agent trying to get your attention, Car rentals, hotel transportation, busses, it is overwhelming! Unless you like the thrill of negotiating a deal or get into a time share presentation, but luckily you already have transportation so you just walk outside and ask for designated transportation, the great concierges at Cabo Azul will book it for you and they  have your name the list and take good care of you and your luggage.

You take a sit in your transport, the driver is taking care of your luggage, you take a deep breath and it’s time to make a really hard decision.. what are we doing tonight.

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