Los Cabos Spa, one of the most beautiful spa's in Cabo and in the World.

Cabo Azul Paz Spa, Body & Mind.
Winner of the most beautiful spa in the world - PAZ Spa / Hospitality Design Awards 2008

One of the grand features of the Cabo Azul all-villa resort complex is the magnificent spa, appropriately named PAZ, which, when translated, means "peace." 

Winner of Hospitality Design (HD) magazine's award for Best Spa, PAZ Body & Mind Spa is where relaxation, aromatherapy and beauty combine to bring you peace for the body, mind and soul. 

A number of the Cabo San Lucas spa resorts in the area offer massage services, but here, pampering comes easy. Far superior to spas in Cabo San Lucas, PAZ is the perfect place to take your senses to the extreme. Unlike the overcrowded spa resorts in Cabo San Lucas, our goal is to help you relax, rejuvenate and revive.

At PAZ Body & Mind Spa peace comes in the form of a wide-ranging host of healing, wellness and pampering treatments in indoor or outdoor settings that Cabo San Lucas spas can't or don't offer. Imagine the relaxation you will feel as a spa specialist eases the stress and tension away with an incredible massage in one of the private beachfront cabanas. The Sea of Cortez, its sapphire surf pounding in the background, takes you to a level of calm and inner peace never before realized - a feeling Cabo San Lucas spa resorts just can't provide.

Unlike the spas in Cabo San Lucas, PAZ offers many different indulgent treatments for you to choose from. Luxurious therapies include our exclusive PAZ Signature Massage where unique aromatherapy oil is drizzled onto pressure points to relax the body before a customized massage of Swedish, Thai and reflexology techniques soothe and relieve. Feel the energy flow throughout your body.

This, and many other personalized massage therapies, skincare, "finishing touches" and exclusive treatments beckon you away from other Cabo San Lucas spas to PAZ?the Zest Lapis, the Papaya Sugar Polish & Shea Butter Massage, the Coconut Aloe Cooling Treatment, the PAZ Natural Glow and the Draining Onyx where you'll escape to a dream-like existence with the healing energy of Onyx. Their names alone conjure images of fascination for all your senses, much more than you would experience at any Cabo San Lucas spas.

For April 2010 the specials are:

- A  50 minutes Massage (Swedish or Signature), 50 minutes Facial, and Manicure & Pedicure for couples  $560 dollars  Regular price $670 dollars
- An 80 minutes massage (Swedish or Signature), and Manicure & Pedicure for $225 dollars, Regular price $260 dollars
- A 50 Minutes Massage (Swedish or Signature) and Redken Shade or Chemical System with blow dry for $140 dollars   Regular price $160 dollars
Prices include 11% Tax

Wherever the venue, whatever the choice, our specialists have the perfect way to help you thoroughly enjoy your Mexico vacation at Cabo Azul Resort. Why settle for inferior Cabo San Lucas spa resorts, when you can have PAZ? An entirely new spa experience, unlike any spa resorts in Cabo San Lucas, awaits you at PAZ Body & Mind Spa. Realize your optimum wellness and rejuvenate your body and mind when you visit PAZ, the newest destination spa in Los Cabos, Mexico.

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