Pacific Monarch Resorts Announces The Winner of $100,000

Pacific Monarch Resorts is happy to announce another winner of the ongoing “$100,000 Giveaway” sponsored by Pacific Monarch Resorts, Inc. and Monarch Grand Vacations, Inc. of Laguna Hills, California. The most recent winners are Mr. and Mrs. Morrissey of Phoenix, Arizona. 

Mrs. Morrissey completed an entry form in late 2009 and in July of 2010, she and Mr. Morrissey visited Pacific Monarch Resorts' Scottsdale Vacation Ownership sales office. At the end of their ownership preview, they were presented a scratch off ticket. Mrs. Morrissey did the honors and was shocked to find she had uncovered the grand prize of $100,000. There were 100,000 contest tickets printed and only one of those was the winning ticket. The Scottsdale team was ecstatic to discover that the winning ticket was at their location.
Mr. and Mrs. Morrissey were presented with their check for $100,000 on July 21, 2010 at the same Scottsdale sales office where they had won the prize. Dennis Thibault, Vice President of Marketing, and John Gaffey, Director of Promotions, for Pacific Monarch Resorts did the honors of awarding the $100,000 to Mr. and Mrs. Morrissey. Mr. Gaffey stated “We are thrilled we can help someone enjoy the dream of winning such a large sum of money. Through our giveaways and our vacation ownership program, Pacific Monarch Resorts loves to enrich the lives of other.

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