Los Cabos August 2010 Event Calendar

 by artist Milton Pérez Arredondo. This painting exhibition is based on the essence of universal mystical traditions of the world, which does not involve the adoption of a particular belief system, but a real transformation in the individual conscious experience. Visionary and surrealistic art, that come together harmoniously to represent a broad metaphor for the esoteric nature of reality, expressing the sacred within the profane surface. Exhibited at City Theatre´s Lobby – Gallery in San José, Historic – Art District. 8 pm. No fee admission. 

SATURDAY, AUGUST 07: “NIGHT of Latin and Caribbean beats”
With live bands and singers, dance classes and surprise prize for the best dancing couple. Line up: Musical Organization "Son de Aky", Alexey González, "Latin Roots" Band, Karla Kassaneth, Dance Instructor: Enrique Meza. Plaza Mijares, San Jose del Cabo, Historic – Art District, 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. 

Tuesday, August 10.- "Faces of Mexico 2010" 
From 9am to 8 p.m. at Plaza Mijares in San José del Cabo - a tribute to the bicentennial of Independence ... visiting Los Cabos. 
1810, 1910, 2010: Three different times to be Mexican as subject of history. The face of mexicans reflects the living history of Mexico, a country rich on its human content. This is the time to capture the faces of the Bicentennial, which at a distance of major historical movements are part of space-time unique. FACES OF MEXICO 2010, will capture the personality of each individual through a traveling photography studio, to be mounted in numerous public places around the country, with opening casting to the entire population, in order to achieve the greatest amount of photographic individual portraits, thus shaping the identity of Mexico in 2010. With the file condensate, will be uploaded photos onto the page www.rostrosdemexico2010.gob.mx , where all participants can view your pictures and print them, if they so choose. In addition, there will be a national curator whose snapshots are displayed in a mega exhibition at the Paseo de la Reforma (Main Street on México City). In turn, each state will make a state curators, who also will be exhibited in each state. Project sponsored by the Mexican federal government, THROUGH CONACULTA WITH THE FACILITIES OF THE GOVERNMENT OF BCS, GOVERNMENT OF LOS CABOS, Southcalifornian INSTITUTE of Culture and of course, Los Cabos Cultural Direction. Let us capture your face, your race, your profession, your identity, and be recorded for future generations, everyone welcome. THE DATE FOR THE CAPTURE OF THE FACES OF IN LOS CABOS, WILL BE ON TUESDAY AUGUST 10, from 9:00 a.m. to 8 P.M. AT MIJARES PLAZA, SAN JOSE DEL CABO, HISTORIC – ARTISTIC DISTRICT, THE EVENT IS TOTALLY FREE. 

Performed again, this time at the lobby of "Miguel Lomelí" City Theatre, with capacity for 100 people. The Cuban singer, Alexey Gonzalez, accompanied by pianist and musician Pepe Rubio & Humberto Arredondo (Members of "AMIGO" Trio). Songs dedicated to Mexico on its Bicentennial year. 8 p.m. Hall of City Theater "Miguel Lomeli", Historic Downtown, San Jose del Cabo, BCS.

THURSDAY, AUGUST 19 .- Opening of Photographic Exhibition "Cabo Pulmo through their own eyes,"
An exhibition achieved through the participation of the inhabitants of Cabo Pulmo National Park, with support of different non profit organizations. 20 hrs. Hall of City Theater "Miguel Lomeli”, Centro Historico, San Jose del Cabo. No fee admission.

THURSDAY 19, FRIDAY 20 AND SATURDAY, AUGUST 21 .- IV “Ad Libitum” International Classic Guitar Festival Los Cabos 2010 
- Master Class: The Classical Guitar on popular music. 
Taught by: David Flores / Location: House of Culture. 11:00 a.m.
- CONCERT: Antonio Barajas & Robert Trent (USA) - Classical Guitar. 
Venue: City Theatre “Miguel Lomeli Ceseña”, San José. 8 p.m.
Friday August 20 
- Violin Master Class for performers. 
Taught by: Adrian Serna July / Location: House of Culture. 11 a.m. 
- CONCERT: Winfried Kellner (guitar) premier of master piece: "Concierto de San José del Cabo" & Miguel Angel Gutierrez (Classical Guitar). 
Venue: City Theatre “Miguel Lomeli Ceseña”, San José. 8 p.m.
Saturday August 21 
- Master Class: Study Techniques for Instrumentalists. 
Offer: Winy Kellner / Location: House of Culture. 11:00 a.m. 
- CONCERT: Transverse Flute Concerto by Nury Ulate & David Mozqueda (Classical Guitar), and final ancore of "Guitar Orchestra." 
Venue: City Theatre “Miguel Lomeli Ceseña”, San José. 8 p.m.
FEE: $ 50.00 pesos. 

By the artist Monserrath Amezquita, inspired by her collection “FLOWERS OF THE SEA". Casa Dorada Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Medano Beach. No fee admission. 

FRIDAY AUGUST 27 .- 19 hrs. Hall of City Theater "Miguel Lomeli” 
San Jose del Cabo. FOR ALL CHILDREN. Presentation of two Puppet Play: "Kung Fu Panda" and "Monsters vs. Aliens" – No fee admission.

SATURDAY AUGUST 28.- 20 hrs. SJD City Theater. Presentation of the play "From here on this side" 
Author: Guillermo Ocaña Sergio Alanis 
Directed by: Ricardo Pinzon Gil.
Synopsis **** **** NOTE: PG-16. 
It is the story of a woman with dreams of wealth and how on her way to achieve it is capable of destroying their children's lives, through family breakdown, ignorance, fanaticism and even the fantasy of the American Dream . The play develops between fiction and reality, between anxiety and abandonment, between pride and arrogance, with disastrous consequences through irreverence and incest, running between extreme religiosity and matriarchy. 
No fee admission.


EVERY AUGUST THURSDAYS – Popular music concert at Mijares Plaza, Historic – Artistic District by “Los Hermanos Pérez” band. Playing old times Mexican hits, latin rhythms, like danzon, cumbia, cha cha cha, merengue and more. From 7 to 10 p.m. 

EVERY AUGUST SUNDAYS.- "PLAZaRTE" Permanent Program of the City, through which families will enjoy a fit of arts workshops, documentaries, concerts, entertainment and recreation, contests and many more surprises. Parallelly in “Mijares” Plaza (San José), “León Cota Collins” Plaza (Cabo San Lucas) and a Mobile Plaza in rural areas. Between 6 –10 p.m. every plaza. No fee admission, no charge per workshops.

I.Every Wednesday, 8 p.m. SJD´s City Theater - Best of International Independent Studios.
II. Every Sunday, Matinee, 11a.m. SJD´s City Theater - Best of Films for kids.

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